Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I don't mean to only post on Holidays but it seems to be turning into a habit! I would post pictures of our Green filled day but the ol' computer is still out of commission so Miss Lisa will have to do.
It truly felt like spring today and it was great!!! I hope everyone of you ( yes the two of you out there reading this blog were able to enjoy it.
I am trying to be festive with our meal tonight and passed on the St Patty stand by of corned beef and cabbage because the mere thought of it causes me stress, and went for a nice hearty stew. I dyed it green so we'll see how the hubby and wee ones feel about that! Irish soda bread - which is so easy to make and some green salad and we are set. I went all out and even spent all day making some dessert- green rice crispy squares!( i know the effort I put forth is crazy!!)