Thursday, May 15, 2008

Party Week

I have now finally recovered from our week full of parties.  On the 3rd we did indeed take Isabelle to the mall and she got to build a new bear friend which she named "Bella".  Then we decided to celebrate cinco de mayo by hosting a block party.  It was really fun to eat and hang out with our friends and neighbors.  I called our friends the Carvers in New York to get Cim's yummy recipe for carne asada tacos and we had jordan bbq up some steak.  There was lots of good food and the kids ended the evening with lots of candy from the pinata. 

On Tuesday we took Isabelle and her friends to kangaroo zoo so they could jump 
their little hearts out.We came back to the house for none other then pink
cupcakes with sprinkles! Isabelle is now officially 4.
But the fun did not stop there- wednesday we took our traditional birthday trip to Chuck E Cheese's.  Isabelle had a great time playing with her cousins and opening all her super birthday gifts. ( man this girl is lovin' life)

I love the Amish!!

I was finally given the starter I have been coveting to Amish friendship bread, and it was just as good as I remember it. You know the one that sits on your counter fermenting all week and then you add some milk and flour and a whole bunch of sugar.  Sounds repulsive but it is sooo yummy and now if I want we can have it every 10 days.  I am thinking of mixing it up and maybe adding bananas one time  or zuccini maybe even chocolate but who knows the possibilities are endless- I'll let you know how the experimenting turns out.  YUm Yum.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

I'm not 4 yet!!!

Yes the 3rd of May is the actual date of Isabelle's birth but per her request she is not officially 4 until she has a party and blows out the candles.  But we did get all dressed up and go to the mall because she is still the birthday girl.