Saturday, October 9, 2010

drinking fountains, winter hats an a bit of guilt

Dear Blog,
I have a confession to make to you...well not so much as a surprise I have ignored, neglected and mistreated you. I admit now that I only began a blog to "fit in" and because all the cool kids were doing it (or so I am told). Then I began only to visit you to store all my "friends" blogs.(friends in this since of course means strangers I have not met yet I feel a close bond to as I read about their lives online daily) You being the forgiving one that you are stayed true and kept all my favorites up to date and in order off to the right. I know now I am undeserving of you kindness but I am here now to make amends and free myself of this guilt. I will be better and try to create exciting events in my life so as not to fill your pages with drab ramblings of my day( but of course I make no promises).Oh blog please forgive me and lets start anew, what do you say??? I take that as a yes- great- now on to it......

As we were leaving class one day last week and we were walking past the drinking fountain as we always do Jack, all on his own, stepped up onto the stool pushed in the handle and leaned in for a drink! Then with a big proud grin, looked over to me and said "mmmm". What a proud little momma I was I quickly grabbed for my phone trying to get him to do it again so I could record the moment.
Last winter I could get the boys to occasionally wear their hats but they usually ended up on the car floor before ever getting to our destination. So today when I was dressing jack to leave the house quite early I hopefully yet cautiously reached for a winter hat. I began to put it on and he proceeded to take it off but then I told him it was cold outside and he needed to keep it on. To my joy and surprise the hat made it not only to the activity but before it was pulled off I got a "mom is it ok now" look from my boy!

Oh blog what a proud momma I was indeed , being so consumed all the time with trying to teach such basic skills to the boys that others can pick up so easily I forget how big they are getting and that spontaneous learning and growth will happen in time.
Sincerely yours,
mama C