Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I was curious

So I asked her the other day... 

me: "Isabelle what do you dream about?"
isabelle: "Troy"
(of course I was a little taken back so I asked further)
me: "What exactly do you mean by Troy?" ( to clarify "troy" is the High school musical heartthrob)
Isabelle: " I wish that I was Gabriella so I could be in love with Troy".
Me: oh.

And now I know!


Gabbitas Family said...

oh wow, she is tooooo big! She's so cute! I would love to see pics of Tay. My e-mail is sgabbitas@gmail.com.

bloggingchristy said...

Hey, I am in love with Troy too. Well the teenage girl in me is at least!!

I'm glad I found your blog!!

Jessica said...

How old is she? That is just cute but it looks like you're in for it with her! Boys crazy, here she comes!