Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Our very own Bryant Park.

So before school started Isabelle was extremely excited about her new clothes , so of course we had to have a fashion show. Grandma and papa so willing provided her with the areana and all the attention she could get. I must say it was hard to keep her still -she was rocking the runway to her favorite tunes, so the pictures are a bit blury.


The Shoup Family said...

hey chica!! this little lady is precious. our sara kate is almost 4 and she definitely has this flair in her as well. while hannah who is 7 is quite the opposite. isn't amazing how individually created they truly are. i look forward to more chica!!


erinTphotography said...

HELLO, I didn't know you had a blog, what the freak??? You kids are so cute. I love this one with her socks, fun!!! Is Isabella in Preschool or what? Glad I found it and you should add the new blog gadget called "Followers" so I can add myself as one of your followers. Hope you are doing well taking care of those twim handsome.